Clarisse's Nightmare

from by HESS

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Music: Schefer, Martarello
Lyrics: Dufour, Hess
Guest Vocals: John Hennessy

It was another day
Clarisse went to her room
"It's time to sleep"
She told her dog

She stroked his head
He licked her hand
Left hanging over the bed
Into a deep sleep she fell

At that moment when you don’t know if you’re dreaming or not
Caught within the limits of reality or illusion
Drop by drop, falling to the floor
Drop by drop, to mark the time

Clarisse walked in darkness
Listening to the leak
Headed to a tap, nothing fell from it
A dream it must be

Went back to sleep, her hand
Hung over the bed
Warm tongue licked it
Into dreams again

And the dripping sound
Went on overnight
Oh, that dripping sound

At sunrise she woke up, the dripping wouldn’t stop
Opened the bathroom door and let out a shout
The dog was hanging from an iron bar
Red drip dripping to the floor

What she saw in the mirror
Froze her innocent soul
"Not only dogs can lick"
Written there in blood

And the dripping sound
Went on overnight
Oh, that dripping sound

Until today Clarisse
Cannot sleep
In the asylum’s room
For her life she fears

Never knew who
Or what it was
Forever remembering that tongue
Licking her hand…
Licking her hand…
Licking her hand…



from Hagalaz, released October 27, 2014



all rights reserved


HESS Rosario, Argentina

Heavy Metal band from Rosario, Argentina. Formed in 2010.

Melani Hess (vocals)
Diego Martarello (lead guitar)
Nicolas Copani (bass)
Ariel Schefer (guitar)
Luis Dufour (drums)

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